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The universal and modular construction kit MOCOKIT® for static and dynamic test setups consists of beams, supports, brackets, adjustable units and other components. The system allows nearly... Read more »


Climatic Simulation & Test

Kvalitest provides standard and customized environmental chambers for climatic and thermal testing in R&D and quality control applications.

Mechanical Simulation & Test

Kvalitest provides high performance simulation and testing solutions for mechanical testing and analysis in R&D and quality control applications.

Dynamic Measurement & Analysis

Kvalitest provides a wide range of signal analyzers and dynamic data acquisition systems for high speed, high performance and high accuracy measurement applications.

Technical Service & Calibration

Kvaliservice provides technical on-site services and traceable calibrations, following the IEC standards 60068-3-5 and 60068-3-6, for climatic and thermal test chambers of any brand.

Kvalicomp Nordic Ltd

Kvalicomp is a sister company to Kvalitest and focuses on providing innovative components and measurement systems for industrial and automation applications.