Do you need to upgrade your old vibration controller? Have a look at the advanced Spider-81 from Crystal Instruments!

The Spider-81 is a DSP powered highly modular, distributed and scalable vibration controller with 8 analog input (IEPE, Charge Amplifier, AC, DC and/or TEDS) and 4 analog output channels. Eight digital I/O pairs are provided for custom applications.

The Spider-81 can run without a PC connection and features a bright front panel LCD that displays system status and test information. Real-time status such as control RMS or sweeping frequency is instantly viewed on the LCD. The Spider-81 does not just use Ethernet for data communication, it employs IEEE 1588v2 timesynchronized Ethernet connectivity. This technology allows 300 meter remote input modules to be connected solely by Ethernet.

All Spider-81 front-ends contain a 4 GB flash memory for the storage of data and test processing instructions. If longer recording is required, the Spider-NAS (Network Attached Storage) provides 250 GB of solid state disk (SSD) storage in a removable SATA cartridge. One Spider-NAS records streamed time waveforms and spectra from up to eight Spider front-ends at the speed of 102.4 kHz per channel.

You can download more information about the Crystal Instruments vibration controllers here (pdf) >

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