Fiber optic temperature measurement solves HV challenges in e-mobility

The new, fiber optic CAN measurement module imc CANSAS-FBG-T8 makes testing in high-voltage environments safer and easier. All eight optical inputs in the module can measure temperatures on arbitrary electrical levels using specially developed sensors with fiber Bragg grating technology (FBG). 

Safe measurement in high-voltage environments
When working at voltages beyond 50V, comprehensive protective measures are mandatory. This also applies to the involved measurement technology, if it is connected electrically. Possible issues with safety at work are substantially alleviated with the fiber-optic measurement technology from imc: The fiber-based sensors have no electrical conductivity whatsoever. 

Clean measurement results despite high-voltage environment
Particularly users performing measurement in high-voltage environments or in the field of electro-mobility benefit from the robustness of fiber-optic technology. Thanks to the optical measurement principle, this technology is immune to electrostatic and electromagnetic interference, which is frequently a problem when using classic measurement technology in high-voltage environments

Easy handling thanks to small cable diameters
While the elaborate and thick high-voltage insulation of electric sensor cables is obsolete, the size of FBG fiber sensor cables is only less than one millimeter in diameter. They therefore require 90% less space than classic high-voltage cables with a diameter of 3-4 mm. An important advantage, particularly for multi-channel measurements with hundreds of sensors. 

Easy to operate
We have attached great importance to comfortable operation: Simply connect the imc FBG sensor to the module and enter the characteristic data in the imc CANSAS software or directly transfer them s via Drag & Drop from the imc SENSORS database: Measurement can begin.

Easy to integrate
The fiber-optic measurement module can be integrated into any test environment. Via CAN bus interface the data can either be directly forwarded to a data logger, an application system or a test automation environment.

The FBG module is electrically and mechanically compatible with the imc Cansasflex series.

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