Find, analyse and save the noise sources with our new mini acoustic camera

Mobile Sound Viewer is the first mini acoustic camera in wordwide. Very light, very ease to use, MSV detects where comes from noises precisely in real time.

The new Analysis Sound Viewer software make post-processing of datafiles from Mobile Sound Viewer saved. This post processing software allows to know frequencies spectrum of hotspot in Decibel. User can see acousic map and Acoustic Video at any time in the datafile with averaging as input parameter. Sound is included inside Acoustic video. ASV Software also includes all settings in order to see the perfect detection of noises in 3D.

MSV is totally autonomous, very ease to operate via touch screen 10”. It has a real time display and software without technical word. It is specifically designed for people engaged in reduction noise annoyance of machines, workshops, or product in development. MSV is used like a video camera, enabling the visualisation of the source of the noise from a considerable distance. The distance is adjusted automatically.

There are 3 models all connectable to computer, in order to play video and see acoustic pictures. Free software updates are available via Internet. And finally, Mobile Sound Viewer has a 2 years guarantee.

As a thermal camera would do it, it it now possible to visualize noise from a color palette overlayed on a video. The Mobile Sound Viewer© is the first device totally portable that can precisely locate in real time the area where the sound waves come from. It is a very useful way of locating areas that need to be improved, like a roll over, an opening, or to separate different sources of noise on engine gears. The Mobile Sound Viewer© is very light, standalone and compact in order to analyse noise sources in very tight places.

Locating a noisy area can be done just by orientating the Mobile Sound Viewer© which has an operating distance between a few centimetres to several tens of meters. Locating accuracy can be of the order of a few centimetres when measures are close and of few tens of centimetres when measures are a bit further.

Example of use for final users:

This product has been specially developed for anyone concerned by noise pollution who would want to evaluate, communicate and operate independently all along the noise reduction process. It is then possible to visualise annoying noise on a workplace, identify the noisiest section of a process, visualise impulsive noise, identify the origin of a particular noise such as a whistle, but also minimize noise for product under development (tool-machine, household appliances, engines, gears…)

Customers always benefit from high resolution at every frequency noise is, detection of low frequency noises, and transient events in real time, in using Mobile Sound Viewer.

More information about the MSV mini acoustic camera you can find here »

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