New powerful and easy to use Sound Level Meter from Ono Sokki with listening, recording and analysis functions!

The LA-7000 series are newly designed sound level meter which operation procedure has been greatly improved. The large color LCD and touch panel enable easy and intuitive operation.

LA-7000 series allows “measuring while listening to sound” in addition to the original features of a sound level meter such as measurement and calculation.

By listening to the sound instantly at the measuring place, you can confirm condition of a target, perform sound source probing, and check that the sound is unfailingly being recorded. The LA-7000 series sound level meter is a great help for reliable measurement at measurement place where no mistakes can be allowed.

By adding various options, the LA-7000 series is able to be upgraded to a sound analyzer (frequency analysis) and a sound recorder*, performing more than just a sound level meter.

The measurement performance is substantially improved only using LA-7000 series which does multiple duties, such as sound measurement, sound recording, frequency analysis, and sound probing of abnormal sound.

By using LA-7000 series together with various analyses software, “waveform analysis”, “sound quality evaluation”, and “fluctuation sound analysis” can also be performed.

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