Special offer from Kvalitest: traceable accelerometer calibration for just 100 Euro per axis!

Kvalitest offers complete calibration service to regularly recalibrate accelerometers and maintain a high level of precision and accuracy. Annual calibration is recommended for accelerometers to ensure the continued accuracy of your dynamic measurements.

Accelerometers can last for decades if treated properly, however regular calibration is important, things can change with age. This is your opportunity to check the accelerometer for correct operation and to ensure it has suffered no damage in its day to day handling and use.

Our calibration turnaround time is normally between 1 to 3 days with a full report/certificate for each device. Standard calibration - 10Hz to 10kHz or the maximum operating frequency of the accelerometer, whichever is lower.

Call or send an email to sales@kvalitest.com if you are interested to try our accelerometer calibration service.

Attached information about the Agate AT-2040 calibration system in case you consider to do the calibrations in-house (pdf) »