The Endevco 46A accelerometer and its unique pod system allows for greater flexibility and lower inventory costs

The 46A general purpose accelerometer stands out from all other accelerometers on the market because of its unique patent pending design that allows easy installation and removal of the accelerometer from its mount/pod.

The system will save money when the accelerometer has to be fixed permanently on to the test object whilst the more expensive accelerometer can be removed at the end of the test or swapped with one of a different sensitivity.

The triaxial pod will provide substantial savings when a sensor on one axis breaks during testing – instead of replacing the whole unit only the broken sensor has to be replaced.

Five different pods are available:

  • Single axis hex stud mount
  • Single axis cube stud mount
  • Single axis cube adhesive mount
  • Triaxial cube stud mount
  • Tri-hex stud mount

Accelerometer key features:

  • Five sensitivities: 10, 25, 100, 500 and 1,000 mV/g
  • 10-32 microdot top connector
  • TEDS capable
  • Sensors and mounting bases have lock wire

The pod system allows for greater flexibility and lower inventory costs. Until now test technicians have had to find a specific accelerometer with the correct mounting configuration. With this design, technicians can mix and match between different threaded accelerometers and mounting receptacles. It''s such a simple concept but it will make a huge difference to testing.

Here you can download the Endevco 46A POD accelerometer datasheet (pdf)

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