We are proud to announce the new intelligent ACS thermal shock test chamber, from +220°C to -80°C in less than 10 sec!

The ACS Spinner thermal shock test chamber has a new design for a more compact and precise equipment, powered now by the powerful and hyperconnecting control system MyKratos, which makes it possible to manage and monitor the chamber from the on board panel and desktop/mobile devices.

The Spinner vertical thermal shock test chamber is made up of two test chambers placed one on top of each other: a hot +220°C chamber above and a cold -80°C chamber below. The machine takes its name from the "spinner”, the mechanism that moves the basket from one chamber to the other. The basket, which holds the products to be tested, is moved electrically by means of a motorized drive that ensures a fast transfer speed between the chambers and significantly reduced vibrations.

You can download the ACS Spinner shock test chamber brochure here (pdf)

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