High speed cameras

High speed cameras

Process monitoring high speed cameras

PROMON SCOPE is a compact, ready-to-use high speed image streaming system. Its built-in high capacity solid state disk system records sequences for 40 minutes at 560fps and up to 3000fps. The ideal camera system to temporarily monitor industrial processes for troubleshooting, setup- and fine tuning applications.  The control unit is a compact and rugged device with a built-in touchscreen display. The complete system with its major functions is controlled directly via the touchscreen display with 'gestures'- similar to portable media players. Includes one PROMON camera module (color, monochrome or Near Infrared).

Some key features and possibilities of the PROMON SCOPE system:

  • Ideal for temporary industrial troubleshooting, setup and fine tuning applications
  • The mechanical engineer's ‘oscilloscope’
  • Compact, ready to use high speed image streaming system
  • Touchscreen operation, similar to a smart phone
  • Typical recording capacity is 40 minutes
  • PROMON SCOPE is available with monochrom, color or NIR (near infrared)  camera
  • High capacity hard disk (80 mins or recording)
  • Solid transport case
  • Accessory kit with LED illumination, magic arms
  • Motion analysis software with automatic tracking features

For more information download the PROMON SCOPE datasheet (pdf)

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