A test system is more than just a collection of hardware modules, and the integrity of the signals passed between test instrumentation and the unit under test (UUT) is highly dependent on switching and the interconnection interfaces that are part of the signal transmission path. 

VTI’s PXIe switching modules are designed to maximize the integrity of the test signals by incorporating advanced circuit board layout techniques that minimize the effects of unwanted transmission stubs, shield against radiated signals in adjacent card slots and ultimately extend the usable bandwidth of the test system as a whole.
An innovative software driver approach, based on IVI industry standards, enables a single driver session to control multiple modules as a subsystem, providing an application development environment that significantly reduces development time.  Advanced triggering and module-to-module synchronization reduces test execution time, while chassis smart health-monitoring and relay odometers embody a predictive approach to maintenance.

VTI Instruments’ modular instrumentation solutions are used in the world’s most demanding electronic and functional test applications, helping customers meet the highest level of quality standards in the products they manufacture.  Our ability to design precision instrumentation, in a modular form factor, has enabled engineers to develop test stations in a reduced footprint without compromising the integrity of test data.  
SentinelEX continues to lead the way in modular PXI Express test solutions by delivering uncompromised measurement integrity to the core of every test station: the signal switching subsystem.  The expanded PXIe Switching Series, built on 20 years of proven deployment in the most demanding aerospace, defense and automotive applications, delivers exceptional performance and reliability by implementing extensive signal path shielding providing reduced cross-talk and improved channel-to-channel isolation. 

Test system performance is therefore improved and costs lowered by reducing false pass/fail errors and intermittent faults often associated with marginal signal levels.  System level development and support costs are further reduced by combining software-configurable switch personalization with comprehensive, on-board health monitoring.
Our expanding portfolio of PXIe switching, digital I/O and mainframe products deliver exceptional performance and flexibility for reliable test data, the first time, every time.

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