CE compliance test system

The ZES ZIMMER test system LMG Test Suite tests in accordance with the currently valid version of EN 61000-3-2/-12 or EN 61000-3-3/-11 and also supports measurements per ECE R-10.4 Annex 11 (e.g. electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles).

The system uses the LMG series proven precision power measurement technology. ZES ZIMMER power analyzers measure with particularly great reliability and precision. A fast Ethernet interface (Gbit) guarantees smooth communication and data transfer with the test system. Detailed analysis for rapid diagnostics and product improvement

The LMG Test Suite compliance test system allows quick identification of the cause of an inadequate test result. All measurements can be displayed and evaluated in time domain alongside the familiar presentation in frequency domain.

All harmonic frequencies can be isolated throughout the test and investigated to assist with localizing the problem. In addition, all data can be passed on to third-party applications in full resolution using the clipboard or file export for additional analysis.

For more information about the LMG Test Suit for CE compliance testing download the brochure here (pdf)

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