Precision power analyzers

The ZES ZIMMER LMG series precision power analyzers has conquered a leading market position thanks to its precision and reliability. It has spread throughout the most diverse areas of the electric and electronic industry - in R&D, quality assurance and compliance test labs - and serves universities and academies to train future scientists and engineers.

The new LMG670 does not only enable you to cope with increased requirements and latest power electronics innovations – it allows you to put yourself and your products squarely in front of the competition.

The new LMG670 precision power analyzer offers following advantages and main features:

  • Dual-Path technology: enable two bandwidths simultaneously, single-shot results for narrowband, broadband & harmonics measurements
  • It’s powerful: 7 channels, accuracy 0.025%, DC – 10MHz, excellent dynamic range μA to kA and mV to kV
  • It’s convenient: Touchscreen, 8,9‘‘ WSVGA display (1024x600), remote control via PC, Gbit Ethernet, DVI/VGA interface, CAN

Power analysis plays an important and growing role, especially when it comes to increasing efficiency and minimizing consumption. Wherever electrical energy is turned into motion, losses get scrutinized ever more critically.

Inefficient means of speed control are replaced by variable frequency drives (VFD), and electrical vehicles in all its varieties is gaining momentum.

For more information download the LMG670 precision power analyzer brochure here (pdf)

Here also the unique Dual-Path technology described (pfd)

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