Printed board

Printed board

KFGS Series - General-purpose Foil Strain Gages

New strain gages with the world highest level performance. Read more >

KFGS series

KFG Series - General-purpose Foil Strain Gages

The KFG series gages use polyimide resin for the base part that is approx. 13 μm thick. It ensures excellent flexibility. The outstanding moisture proof enables the KFG gages to operate in outdoor measurement effectively. Unless directly exposed to water drop, no coating treatment is required. Read more >

KFG Series

KFRS Series - Foil Strain Gages for Printed Boards

PCB are used for varieties of products including mobile phones, car navigation systems and digital cameras. To evaluate the mechanical and thermal characteristics of these PCB, the KFRS gages were developed by integrating the advantageous features of KFG and KFR gages. Read more >

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