Static torque transducers

The Datum Electronics Series 410 Static Torque sensor was developed following demand from our customers for an effective and competitively priced product. Developed from our FF410 rotary torque transducers, the same technology and design principles have been applied to our FF410 reaction transducer range, providing a competitive option, which is simple and effective.

Accurate On Shaft Torque Measurement Flexible Rig/Drivetrain fittings (DIN Size Flange) Modular System Assembly Proven Technology Low Maintenance Simple Linear Calibration included as standard Engineered to Fit Most Drive Components Static Torque Measurement Full Bridge Strain Gauge Output Researched, Designed and Built in the UK The Series FF410 Reaction Torque Transducer design utilises full bridge strain gauge principles. Using the same principles and knowledge gained in the rotary market, the reaction torque range transducer provides the following specifications, with an optional high torsional stiffness model. Read more >

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