Industrial accelerometers

The RECOVIB® industrial accelerometers bridge the gap between the performance of laboratory accelerometers, which are often expensive, fragile and offer low protection, and the robustness of industrial accelerometers, which are sometimes cheaper but often noisy and inaccurate.

The RECOVIB® accelerometers are equipped either with a voltage output or a 4-20 mA current output and can be deployed in industrial environments for monitoring machinery or structures.


Here some main features:

  • Internal signal conditioning: The signals from the vibration sensor are amplified and conditioned by the accelerometer unit itself before being passed to the data acquisition system through a disturbed industrial medium.
  • Level of protection: The RECOVIB® accelerometers are sealed to an ingress protection level of IP67.
  • Galvanic isolation: The RECOVIB® accelerometers offer galvanic isolation of the signal conductors. An additional isolation module is therefore not needed.
  • Wide frequency range with low frequency response: The RECOVIB® accelerometers operate down to DC allowing for the accurate measurement of low frequency signals.

Download a comparative table of the different RECOVIB® accelerometer models here (pdf)

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