DENTIS is a company specialized in medical devices that started from dental implants and provides professional medical devices, equipment and service such as medical LED Light. LUVIS is flagship brand of DENTIS.

In 2011, Medical LED Lighting industry relied on imports. However, DENTIS successfully localized dental LED Lights for the first time in Korea. In 2012, launching medical LED Lights, DENTIS has been supplying LED Lights to diversified medical field such as plastic surgery, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology as well as dental.

With strong power on engineering and Quality Control System, all of LED lighting products are being provided as high quality products in the domestic market and will lead the global medical market.

Ultimate goal of Luvis is providing optimal environment that protects the doctor’s eyes and patient’s health at the same time by utilizing high CRI technology. As providing optimal environment, DENTIS is not going to neglect to get customer’s needs, and we promise to do our best to deliver valuable products and service to our client with all of our wisdom and passion.

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