Laser vibrometers

Julight’s laser vibrometers are based on the novel self-mixing interferometric configuration, and  allow easy and accurate non–contact vibration measurements on all rough and diffusive surfaces, e.g. unfinished metal, plastic, rubber, paper, fabric, etc.

They provide an analog electrical output which is a replica of the target displacement (0.5 mV/µm responsivity, corresponding to  2 mm/V), in a frequency range from DC up to to 50 kHz. The minimum measurable displacement as small as 0.4 nm (for 1 Hz noise bandwidth), a peak-to-peak maximum vibration amplitude larger than 40 mm, and a maximum velocity of 0.5 m/s.

A very small optical head is the distinctive feature of Julight’s laser vibrometers:

  • standard optical head, with Autofocus and Speckle-Tracking functionality (Size: 105mm x 70mm x 50mm);
  • optional ultra-small optical head, without Speckle-Tracking and Autofocus functionality (Size: length 50 mm; Diameter 15 mm)

The simple but efficient electronic system that processes the interferometric signal can be made so compact that a single VSM4000 instrument can allocate up to 4 optical heads and independent optical channels, thus allowing to perform simultaneous vibration on different points without the need for a scanning system.

The optical head shall be placed in front of the vibrating surface, at a working distance between 0.2 and 1.2 m. Electrical vibration signal is then readily available from the BNC output connector of the electronic unit. The signal can be supplied to an oscilloscope, a data acquisition system or to a FFT analyzer for frequency domain analysis.

A LED-bar indicator measures the back-scattered optical signal strength in real–time, and helps to avoid signal fading caused by speckle–pattern effects. Automatic Speckle-Tracking allows unattended operation on any diffusive surface: the system automatically tracks a bright spot/site on the target surface, eliminating signal fading.

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