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Please join us next week for a vibration control web series presented by Crystal Instruments. In this three part web series we will present instruction and insights on the following topics:... Read more »


Test Systems

Kvalitest provides test system for thermal and climatic testing, vibration, shock and drop testing and materials & force testing from some of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Measurement Systems

Kvalitest provides high performance measurement instruments and systems for high speed data acquisition, precision data logging, vibration and acoustic analysis.

Sensors & Transducers

Kvalitest provides market leading sensors and transducers for vibration, strain, acoustic, torque, speed, length, distance, embedded testing and machine automation applications.

Kvalitest Services

Kvalitest Services provide maintenance and calibration services for thermal and climatic chambers, universal testing machines and vibration shaker systems. We also offer calibration services for accelerometers and testing services like climatic testing, vibration testing, drop testing and high speed camera filming to mention a few.