ARTES RC3, a new robust, multifunctional relay test system from KoCoS Messtechnik

Ruggedness, reliability and durability were the top priorities during development of ARTES RC3 relay tester, in addition to an excellent price/performance.

The new ARTES RC3 from KoCoS is ideally suited for demanding outdoor use, for example in the field of renewable energies. No woody skin, but an almost indestructible and light NK-7 resin. When closed, the IP67 water- and dust-proof hard-shell case absorbs even hard impacts without damage and reliably protects the valuable electronics of ARTES RC3.

The ARTES RC3 offers:

  • 3 high-precision current and voltage amplifiers
  • wide range of measuring inputs
  • innovative TJCP interface
  • communication interfaces USB, 3x Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • high-resolution 5“ touch screen
  • handy, extremely robust and resistant hard shell case

More information about the new ARTES RC3 relay tester you can find here (link) >

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