LMG671 Precision Power Analyzer - powerful, convenient, flexible - getting precise results does not have to be complicated

The new LMG671 precision power analyzer from ZES-Zimmer is a powerful, convenient and flexible instrument for measurements in electrical drive systems, switched-mode power supplies, magnetic cores, CE compliance and conformance testing and LED lights to mention a few. WIth LMG671 getting precise results does not have to be complicated.

Pushing the limits

  • Measuring standby currents in the µA range and up to 32 A
  • Market-leading analog bandwidth of 10 MHz
  • Best-in-class accuracy
  • Unique DualPath architecture eliminates aliasing dilemma

Easy data exchange

  • Collect data from any analog or digital sensor
  • Plug into CAN bus to blend into automotive environment
  • Run our sophisticated analysis suite on captured data
  • Continuously stream sample values for advanced post-processing

Fits to your task

  • Configure the number and kind of your power channels for the best price and performance
  • Sync to different frequencies on each channel group
  • Customize your analysis in content and appearance
  • Focus on the relevant signal content with highly versatile filters

Barrier-free measurements

  • Quickly familiarize yourself with our touchscreen GUI
  • Adapt it to your own needs with a few clicks
  • Add sensors using Plug‘n‘Measure
  • Enhance your screenshots with on-screen comments and sketches

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