PQube 3, a powerful, easy to use and install power quality analyzer also for measuring supraharmonics emissions in the range of 2 kHz – 150 kHz

Do you experience unexplained equipment failure while your power quality analyzer doesn’t report any issues in your network?

Maybe the problem is supraharmonics emissions.

Supraharmonics, that is only just being discovered and measured, are emissions in the range of 2 kHz – 150 kHz and can cause a multitude of problems for grid operators and customers alike

One instrument that is enabling ultra-precise measurement is the PQube 3, which is certified for Class A power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed3, and holds years of data and thousands of events via 32 GB of internal flash memory.

It’s ideal for troubleshooting sensitive or critical mission equipment in factories, labs, data centers, and many other applications.

PQube 3 records every type of AC power disturbance, including 4 MHz sampling of impulses. You can monitor up to two 3-phase loads, or eight single-phase loads with a single instrument. It goes beyond AC power too.

PQube 2 can record environmental data— such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, vibration, 3-axis acceleration—as well as process parameters, for example: torque, RPM, fuel level, water flow, and more.

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