Taking the heat with Endevco accelerometers for high temperature dynamic measurements

When selecting sensing instruments for measuring dynamic events in very high temperature (>250°C) applications, it involves much more than just matching the temperature rating of the accelerometer or pressure transducer to the test environment. At very high temperatures, every component has to work together in a synergistic fashion.

The cable that transmits the signals has to be able to withstand the environment and without adding triboelectric noise. The charge converter that receives and conditions the signal should match the output impedance of the sensor over its entire temperature range.

As a leading provider of pressure and vibration sensors for the most demanding aerospace, nuclear, turbine and industrial control measurement applications, Meggitt’s advanced sensors are proven to withstand the challenges of extreme environments. Our small, lightweight sensors excel in high temperatures to +760 °C, and provide long term, stable performance.

Typically, the higher temperature applications require a hard line cable but Meggitt has recently developed an intriguing alternative that has the temperature capacity of a high temperature mineral insulated hardline cable yet is extremely flexible like a softline cable. It is ideal for installations that require flexibility for cable routing, low noise and temperatures up to +538°C.

Main features

  • Able to withstand extreme heat up to +760 ˚C
  • Long term, stable performance
  • Small size & lightweight


  • Gas turbine vibration measurements
  • Combustion chamber performance testing and monitoring
  • Turbine exhaust pressure measurements

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