We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Sensorade, a specialized manufacturer of ultra-miniaturized pressure sensors.

Sensorade is a Belgian product oriented company specialized in ultra-miniaturized pressure sensors for harsh environments-high temperature. The smallest sensor has an outer diameter of only 1,2 mm and the range is from 2 to 10 Bar.

Sensorade serve all professinals in fluid mechanics analysis and flow testing such as wind tunnel owners, aerodynamic developers , turbomachinery engineers, and wind turbine designers & manufacturers, by providing high quality and accurate unique pressure sensors that have been developed for you by a technologically highly skilled team.

Created in 2019, Sensorade is supported by 10 years of know-how of 10 experts in the field of miniaturized sensing elements. All SENSORADE sensors have been invented, developed by the R&D team, and produced in the nest of our Clean Room 10 000 (ISO 007), and the excellence of our facilities guarantees a product of high quality.

More information about the Sensorade ultra-miniaturized pressure sensors you can find here (pdf) >  or on the Sensorade website here (link) >

If you have any questions and/or need further please contact us, our contact information you can find here (link) >