Xenics introduces a 220 Hz version of the Wildcat 640 series of SWIR areascan camera

The Wildcat 640 camera series is a family of high-performance but compact SWIR areascan cameras that features low weight, low noise and high dynamic range. The Wildcat 640 series is supported by the latest version of Xeneth 2.7 software. The Wildcat 640 camera series is suitable for SWIR wavefront sensing, quality inspection, optical sorting, hyperspectral imaging, semiconductor inspection and laser beam analysis.

The Wildcat 640 SWIR camera is a small, high performance InGaAs camera with low noise and high dynamic range and offers following main features:

  • Frame rate of up to 220 Hz
  • High dynamic range
  • Low noise and low dark current
  • CameraLink or USB3 Vision interfacing options

More information about the Xenics Wildcat 640 InGaAs SWIR camera you can find here (pdf) > or on Xenics website here (link) >

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