imc C-SERIES compact

The imc C-SERIES: network-capable, fanless compact measurement systems. Why settle for anything less than state of the art?

All-purpose, network-capable, real-time measurement devices with built-in measurement amplifiers and easy-to-use, ready-to-go user interface software are now available in a compact package: The imc C_SERIES. It's an universal measurement device for development, testing and service The imc C-SERIES consists of smart network-capable, unventilated compact measurement devices for all-purpose measurement of physical quantities. These devices can operate either in computer-aided or autonomous mode and are lightweight, compact, and robust, thus, especially well adapted to applications in R&D or in the testing of mechanical and electromechanical components of machines, on board vehicles, or in monitoring tasks in installations.

Further information about the imc C-SERIES you can download here (pdf) >

  • Ready to go configuration and operation software: imc STUDIO
  • For comprehensive data analysis and reports, imc FAMOS software is ideal

You can also find more information about the imc range of test & measurement solutions on the imc website (link) >

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