Hand held high speed cameras

Hand held high speed cameras

The new Fastec TS5 high-speed camera is designed for myriad applications from troubleshooting faults in manufacturing equipment, to creating professional commercial video content, to analysis of athletic performance.  Producing high-resolution slow-motion video, the TS5 provides beautifully detailed views of fascinating events that go by too quickly to process with the naked eye.

Slow motion sequences are commonly seen in movies, in advertisements and sports on TV, and in all sorts of video on the internet. High-speed cameras have become practically ubiquitous with the availability of built-in high-speed video modes on cell phones and consumer video cameras and SLRs. Getting shots similar to what we see on TV or in the cinema, however, are not really possible with these consumer devices.

Purpose-built high-speed cameras such those from Fastec typically produce megapixel+ video at significantly higher frame rates than those available on consumer cameras and phones. They also have the requisite hardware for fancy event triggering and storing and transferring immense amount of image data as well as the light sensitivity and precision global shutters needed for crisp, accurate, blur-free images without motion distortion.

The “TroubleShooter” TS5 boasts new benchmarks for performance, resolution, and flexibility within Fastec Imaging’s growing line of high-speed cameras. The TS5 is designed to shine when the goal is capturing high-quality slow-motion video of a large or complex scene and supports twice the frame rate at 4 times the resolution when compared to the slow motion playback you might see for sports on TV!

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