Streaming high speed camera systems

Streaming high speed camera systems

The PROMON SCOPE G2 is a light and compact, ready-to-use high speed image streaming system.

Due to the built-in and replaceable Li-ion battery pack, it will operate up to 2h without recharging. Its high capacity solid state disk system records sequences for 40 minutes with option to extend up to 80minutes. The weight of the complete system with controller and camera is just under 2.9 kg (6.4lbs).

PROMON SCOPE G2 is the ideal camera system to temporarily monitor industrial processes for troubleshooting, setup- and fine tuning application, as wells as preventive maintenance tasks.

The control unit is a compact and rugged device with a built-in touchscreen display for piloting the recording, playback or export of data is just a fingertip away.

The PROMON camera module is available in color, monochrome or NIR (near infrared).

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