VTDI line scan cameras

TDI Line Scan Cameras

Time Delayed Integration (TDI) line scan is an advanced line scan technology used in applications where faster line rates and higher sensitivity are required.

To achieve higher sensitivity at faster scanning speed, TDI line scan cameras accumulate multiple exposures of the same object by using multiple stages. This is true because TDI line scan cameras provide dramatically increased sensitivity as the sensitivity increases proportionally to the number of stages.

VTDI line scan cameras

Vieworks has developed hybrid TDI line scan sensors through the pursuit of leading edge technology.

In 2016, Vieworks proudly introduced the “VTDI” series, the world’s first hybrid TDI line scan cameras, which combine the strengths of both the CCD and CMOS image sensors.

With the VTDI series, customers in the industrial imaging market can take advantage of CCD’s high quality imaging and CMOS’ high speed imaging capabilities.

Now VTDI sets a new standard for the industrial imaging industry that goes way beyond the existing TDI line scan camera technology.

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