Turbomachinery testing

Turbomachinery testing

Rotating Machinery Diagnostics and Vibration Analysis
Factory acceptance testing of large, industrial rotating machines often requires complete and accurate documentation of vibration characteristics including measurements for shaft and housing vibration analysis.

Well-suited for high-speed balancing and factory test cell environments, the SignalCalc Turbo vibration analyzer provides measurement and graphical tools for analysis of seismic and proximity probe displacement signals, as well as a straightforward user setup, automated reporting, data export, and traceable in-house calibration.

For rotor dynamics testing, SignalCalc Turbo includes special utilities for measurement of empirical data necessary for validation of rotor dynamics models and unbalance response simulations.

In the field, turbomachinery in power generation or process industry service may also require acceptance testing, balancing, or troubleshooting. For field specialists, the same quality of measurements for shaft and housing vibration analysis must also be available in a mobile package.

The SignalCalc Turbo vibration analyzer brings to rotating machinery experts unlimited expandability and comprehensive machinery diagnostics capabilities in a modular, portable package for machinery vibration analysis in-situ on the machine deck.

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