High Channel Count Analyzers

The Spider-80X is designed for applications in three fields: dynamic data acquisition, vibration control, and machine monitoring. Each front-end features eight analog input channels and two channels that may be software selected as analog outputs for vibration control or tachometer inputs for the analysis of rotating machinery.

A single Spider-80X front-end is a complete two output controller with the same high quality patented dual ADC input technology of the Spider-81 series. The Spider-80X inputs provide singleend/differential and AC/DC/IEPE coupling choices; charge mode is an available option that can be installed at the factory.

The Spider-80X also provides the same time sync Ethernet connectivity and 4 GB flash memory for data and program storage. Multiple Spider-80X front-ends may be linked together using the Spider-HUB Ethernet switch from Crystal Instruments. The data storage can be increased to 250 GB by adding a Spider-NAS mass storage device.

The Spider-80X front-ends are onsite swappable. Each front-end is metal-shielded. The user can quickly configure a system with an arbitrary number of front-ends. The Spider-80SG strain sensing device has the same mechanical form factor as the Spider-80X. These two systems can combine into a system that measures various dynamic signals, including strains or other sensors requiring excitation. Multiple Spider-80X or Spider-80SG front-ends can be hosted in a 64-input chassis.

The Spider-80Xi is a compact version of Spider-80X with an extremely lightweight form factor. Featuring a 64 channel chassis weighing less than 10.5 kg, the Spider-80Xi can be carried in one hand and is optimal for field environment testing where portability is essential.

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