Noise-activated warning Signs

Noise-activated warning Signs

Pulsar SafeEar noise activated warning sign is perfect to alert in real time when noise levels become too high and indicate when hearing protection must be worn.

In environments where the wearing of hearing protection may not be required at all times, the PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning sign will inform employees when Personal Protective Equipment is required and also when it can be safely removed.

The PulsarSafeEar can also be used in quiet locations to indicate when noise levels must be kept down. By setting the PulsarSafeEar to trigger at a lower level ensures that noise levels in quiet environments stay within acceptable levels.

Noise-activated warning Signs

Here some places where the SafeEar can bu used:

  • Factories - When a noise survey or risk assessment has been made, areas may be found where hearing protection must be worn or where high noise levels will occur during the working day.
  • Hospitals - Noise is often the primary cause of sleep deprivation and disturbance amongst patients
  • Schools & Colleges - There have been many studies which show that high noise levels in a learning environment can affect both students and teachers.
  • Music & Entertainment - Noise levels in pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues will often be high to create the right atmosphere.
  • Libraries - Most of us think of libraries as quiet environments, but more and more libraries are using technology to provide additional services to visitors.

More information about the Pulsar SafeEas you can find here (pdf) »

Here a short video about the Pulsar SafeEar noise-activated warning system »

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