Noise cameras

Noise cameras

NoiseScanner comes from an innovative concept to solve your acoustics testing issues on-site
Using a real-time focus processing, the device is able to deal with synchronized audio and video measurements. NoiseScanner provides a scanning tool for noise testing between the microphone and the acoustic camera.

Noise cameras

NoiseScanner was created to allow the technician or the engineer looking for a noise source to work in complete autonomy
Our concept is applicable to well-known difficulties such as acoustic leaks, BSR (buzz squeak& rattle), hot spots or quality control. NoiseScanner will also be able to address future challenges.

Thanks to functions like focusing, immediate filtering and registration memory, NoiseScanner becomes essential to human listening

NoiseScanner’s rings are equipped with MEMS microphones as well as a CMOS camera - to allow the recording of both acoustic and vision fields. A focusing processing transmits the acoustic levels synchronized to the pictures instantly via the tablet while playing the filtered, focused audio in the headphones. Recordings can be replayed with additional functions to identify the maximum levels on any kind of PC.

Its design and special features make NoiseScanner efficient in any challenging environment on industrial sites
NoiseScanner is an ultra-portable noise testing tool : the user can move easily thanks to its compactness and autonomy. Its 3D design has been created to be independent from reverberant fields. It is used in near field and focuses on the noise sources you are looking for.

The ScandB software comes as an additional tool with NoiseScanner which provides more advanced functions such as analysis and reporting
You can replay NoiseScanner recordings on a Windows PC. During the post-processing stage, the user can analyze any frequency band, stop the film and replay frame by frame. For example, the user can select a specific frequency band and visualize the band's level evolution to detect specific defaults. ScandB also offers various export formats in order to communicate results and edit reports.

Technical features and benefits:

  • Stationary noise scan analysis
  • Fixed position non-stationary noise analysis
  • Synchronized audio, video and infrared distance measurements
  • Real-time near-field focus processing of a fixed point in front of the antenna
  • Frequency range : 500 – 10 000 Hz
  • Spatial Resolution : λ = wavelength (33 cm at 1000 Hz)
  • Direct listening of the focused filtered signal using the headphones
  • Embedded wireless device in a single carrying case

More information about the NoiseScanner you can find here (pdf) »

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