Dynamic pressure sensors

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors, sometimes referred to as pressure microphones are primarily designed for measuring pressure transients, dynamic pressure pulsations in liquids or gases, dynamic blasts and rapid pressure variation & surges.

This type of pressure sensor allow for high accuracy, highly stable measurements in harsh environments, and can also be used to indirectly measure other variables such as fluid/gas flow, speed and water level.

The M/01 range of pressure transducers offer high sensitivities, in temperatures of up to 250ºC with the option for vibration compensation where required. This range of transducer is particularly suited to high intensity acoustics, turbulence and cavitation measurements, particularly where these phenomena may be superimposed upon high static pressure fluid media

Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors have applications in oil, energy and marine industries to name but a few, due to their ability to measure highly dynamic pressure changes.

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