Fluid temperature

Fluid temperature sensors

TS-1/8NPT, TS-M6 and TS-M8

With its compact dimensions and characteristics, the Texense TS-1/8 NPT and TS-M6 & TS-M8 enable our customers to check the fluid temperature of a racing vehicle.

Our full range of fluid temperature sensors allows different applications: M6, M8 and 1/8 NPT.

More information on products here: TS-1/8NPT, TS-M6 and TS-M8


In addtion to our internally amplified liquid temperature sensor (see ref TS-M6/M8/1/8NPT), Texys offers a standard liquid temperature using thermistor technology.

The type of resitance used is an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient). The value decreases when the temperature rise.

We offer two types of nominal resistance such as:

  • NTC 2252ohm @25°C β=3892
  • NTC 3000ohm @25°C β=3977

Different packaging are possible with the M6 (10 or 14mm long) , M8 (10 or 14mm long) and 1/8 NPT.

The TS-NTC is the perfect tool to measure any type of fluid temperature such as water,oil, fuel, either in racing or automotive applications.

More information about the product here »

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