Strain gauge amplifier

Strain gauge amplifier

Strain gauge amplifier XN4

This new XN4 amplifier is an upgrade of our current XN3 amplifier. The big improvements on the XN4 compare to our XN3 are:

  • Gain and Offset are now programmable even if XN4 is not linked to Strain Gauges. (Offset is programmable in mV and Gain in 1/10 ( Gain from 70 to 1250)
  • Offset value from 0 to 5V
  • Ouptut signal can increase or decrease under load
  • No need to apply a force to program a Gain
  • Temperature compensation is now in time basis, from 2 to 12hours
  • Compensation table values can be edited
  • Working temperature is now from -20 to +125°C (instead of 0 to +120°C for the XN3)
  • Noise reduction

Most of the amplifier parameters (as gain and offset) are programmable by the end user just via a USB Connect and a laptop.

Supply voltage 5 to 16 V
Supply current (amp only) < 5 mA
Output signal 0 - 5 V
Dimensions XN4 13x10x4 mm

Datasheet (pdf) »

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