KFWB Series - Waterproof Foil Strain Gages

The KFWB seres foil strain gages have the surface covered with a special resin for waterproofing. The waterproof structure enables these gages to serve for outdoor or underwater measurement merely by being bonded to measuring objects. The insulation resistance shows virtually no deterioration even after 100 hours of use under underwater pressure of approximately 10 MPa. In addition, the covering resin is flexible enough to enable easy bonding to curved surfaces. Read more >


KFWS Series - Small-sized Waterproof Foil Strain Gages

The KFWS series foil strain gages are small-sized waterproof gages suitable for outdoor or underwater strain measurement where gage bonding space is limited. The waterproofing resin is as thin as 1.3 mm, making them flexible enough to be bonded to a curved surface of 10 mm diameter. Read more >

KCW Series - Weldable Waterproof Foil Strain Gages

The KCW foil strain gage are weldable gage, which does not require any coating treatment for use under high pressure or under water. They are available in 2 types: G10 with 1 gage and G14S with 4 gages. The G10 type endures a water pressure of approximately 10 MPa. Read more >

KCH Series - Foil Strain Gages with Protector

The unique design simplifies gage bonding, wiring and moisture-proofing work in the field. In addition, the metal case protects the strain gages and significantly improves reliability compared with conventional gages. Using stud bolts and adhesive, the gages can be mounted to the bottom and side plate of tank for strain measurement, to a hopper or tank for weight measurement, to the shaft of a truck for tare weight measurement or in any similar applications where the gages need to be protected against moisture, water or small stones. Read more >

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