Non contact torque transducers - flange

Using the latest technology manufactured and designed by Datum Electronics the Series FF425 non-contact rotary Flanged Torque Transducers fit directly as replacement drive line spacers and couplings. The transducer utilises the Datum 425 Series state of the art electronics, offering very high accuracy, operational stability, high signal resolution and a wide range of signal output options.

The Torque Transducer can either be supplied from our standard range with DIN flanges up to 30KNm or as custom units up to any size with the flange and length dimension designed to fit an existing coupling spacer design. With the custom option drive lines can have a torque transducer integrated with a minimum of cost and disruption or need to find additional space.

The FF425 is a true non-contact torque transducer, the rotor runs inside the stator with a 2 to 5mm air gap. This ensures no longterm wear of bearings or frictional loads on the rotating drive shaft. The FF425 Torque Transducers are ideal for test rigs and permanent machinery applications.

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