Non contact torque transducers - spline

The RS425 torque transducer utilises a strain gauged shaft for accurate and reliable torque measurement and a set of rotating on shaft conditioning electronics, the digital signals are transmitted to the non-rotating part of the system or stator providing a reliable and highly accurate torque measurement solution. The rotor is continuously powered enabling static torque measurement to be made. Not only does the RS425 Series offer great technical advantages but the range of torque sensors are competitively priced.

The RS425 series torque transducer is not limited by bearings; therefore, it can be used at higher speeds, and places no bearings loads on to the shaft. The stator needs to be mounted in relation to the shaft within an operating envelope of +/- 3 to 5mm. The standard range can measure torque ranges from 0-10Nm up to 30kNm, the same modular elements have been applied to bespoke torque transducers for use down as low as 3Nm and up to 500kNm and above.

Using our new generation of electronics as found in our industry standard M425 Torque transducer, the RS425 gives customers the ability to choose the sample rate that they need from 1 up to 4000sps, with higher resolution using up to 24bit technology.

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Non contact torque transducers

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