Ultra-precise digital torquemeters

MCRT 48800V and 49800V ultra-precise shaft torquemeters have analog and digital outputs and the highest accuracy of any similar torque sensor, transducer or torquemeter.

These strain gage Torquemeters measure and output shaft torque in analog and digital form. Option Z adds speed and shaft power.

Their outstanding performance is due, in part, to industries highest Overrange which avoids clipping real-world torque peaks and torsionals. Without high Overrange, clipped peaks cause large errors; see AN 20805B.

Tight temperature compensation reduces drive heating and gradient effects. Also enhancing performance is elimination of pots subject to misadjustment under vibration and by unauthorized users.

The Torquemeters are hardened against VFD and other noise sources. Bipolar rotor shunt cal verifies calibration of the entire data chain in CW and CCW modes.

Included software displays, plots and stores real-time data on your PC. It also Displays and Stores Max/Min and Spread Data. Choose RS232, RS422, RS485 or USB (option) communication.

Input power is a single, unregulated voltage. Reverse polarity protection is provided. Password protection is supported.

Two Performance Grades are offered; Standard (Code N), and Enhanced (Code C). They are available with 200% (MCRT® 48800V Series) and 400% (MCRT® 49800V Series) overload ratings. Option Z adds conditioned speed and power outputs.

All outputs are simultaneously available in both analog and digital form. Should the torque, speed* or rotor temperature exceed the Torquemeters ratings, a warning flag(s) is generated.

  • Capacities from 2.8 to 42,400 N-m
  • Output Torque, Speed & Power in Analog & Digital Form
  • 400% Overload and 300% Overrange
  • 0.0006% Temperature Performance
  • 0.02% Combined Nonlinearity and Hysteresis
  • 0.01% 48 Hour Drift
  • Accredited, NIST Traceable CW and CCW Cal
  • Bipolar Rotor Shunt Cal - NIST Traceable
  • Hardened to EMI From Adjustable Speed Drives

More information about the Himmelstein ultra-precise shaft torquemeters MCRT 48800V and 49800V  you can find here (pdf) >

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