Wheel force transducers

The CAEMAX 6-component Wheel Force Transducer WFT-Cx can be used on small cars with a rim diameter from 13 inches up to SUVs and small trucks with a hub diameter of up to 5.5 inches.

In addition to its waterproof construction, it features shock resistance up to 100 g, thus allowing for the first time testing over "speed bumps". The cooling-optimized design combined with excellent heat conduction from the aluminum WFT sensor housing avoids excessive heat input, even in the case of full braking.

For example, over 20 braking tests (acceleration to 150 km/h followed by full braking) were carried out with the WFT: the temperature of the WFT sensor housing did not exceed the 50° C limit.

The entire signal processing is designed for temperature between -40° C to + 105° C. All of this results in a much broader application spectrum, which now also includes braking, comfort and tire testing with using the same WFT configuration.

Further information about the imc CAEMAX 6-component Wheel Force Transducer WFT-Cx you can download here (pdf) >

You can also find more information about the imc range of test & measurement solutions on the imc website (link) >

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