High speed fiber optic amplifiers

Fiber optic amplifiers

High speed combined photoelectric and registration mark sensor

The X-PRO is the highest speed (10µs) dual-function sensor in the world, designed to be a precision registration mark sensor with 5µs repeat­ability and a standard photoelectric sensor for any high speed application. The 5µs repeatability provides the most highly accurate edge detection in the industry!

For more information: http://www.ttco.com/industrial/xp-10.aspx#


Automatic self-adjusting photoelectric sensor

The EZ-PRO is a high performance, automatic photoelectric sensor that can be adjusted by a single push of a button. As a result, there is no guess work on the part of the operator. Now you can throw away the screwdriver and the manual!

For more information: http://www.ttco.com/industrial/ez-pro.aspx


Easy to use low-cost photoelectric sensors

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