Benchtop engine & motor tachometer

CT-6700 is a digital engine tachometer to measure revolution speed of gasoline/diesel engines, EV/HEV motors and general rotating bodies.

Download the CT-6700 brochure here (pdf)

Below main features:

  • The CT-6700 catches transient phenomena of engine rotation speed with high response. The analog output follows up the behaviors of acceleration/deceleration within 1 cycle + 8 μs of input signal. As for pulse output, waveform-shaped output can be selected for signal output of engine rotation speed without delay.
  • In addition to 10 kinds of detectors such as an ignition pulse detector, gasoline/diesel engine rotation detector, magneto-electric rotation detector, ECU crank signal output becomes available. The CT-6700 measures rotation speed of various engines which is undetectable so far.
  • Before engine rotation measurement and motor rotation measurement, a trigger level is adjusted. Especially for the measurement using ignition signal, it is important to remove noise influence for stable measurement. This function performs trigger level adjustment automatically and helps to reduce setting time.
  • The CT-6700 enables rotation measurement by optional input of ECU crank angle signal. Since gear teeth are arranged at unequal intervals for top dead center detection, ECU crank signal is detected as unequal interval signal. The CT-6700 learns pulse pattern at unequal intervals and makes stable measurement even by input of ECU crank signal.
  • High speed digital data output by optional CAN interface.

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