Handheld engine & motor tachometer

HT-6200 is a handheld tachometer with a built-in batteries designed to measure revolution speed of gasoline/diesel engines, EV/HEV motors and general rotating bodies.

Download the HT-6200 brochure here (pdf)

Below main features:

  • Rotation measurement of EV, HEV motors.
  • Rotation measurement of gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Up to 20 data can be stored in the built-in memory function.
  • The maximum and minimum values can be displayed during measurement, peak-hold function.
  • Large LED with backlight useful for checking the displayed value in dark place.

Choose the detector depending on your application.

  • Engine: Ignition pulse detector, Ignition pulse detector, Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector, Engine vibration detector
  • Motor: Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector
  • General rotating object: Electromagnetic rotation detector

Three outputs are provided as standard.

  • Analog output, outputs to the display value of rotation speed. (for recording of rotation speed)
  • Monitor output, outputs sensor signal after wave-form shaping (for checking waveform of detected signal )
  • Pulse output, outputs one pulse for each signal detection (for rotation synchronous signal)

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