LDM301 Series

Laser distance LDM301 Series

Measure long distances quickly with a Laser Distance Sensor from the LDM301 series

Laser Range Finders of the LDM301 series measure large distances and calculate object speed

The laserdistance sensors that make up the LDM301 series use a measured time-of-flight principle to measure distances of 300 m for natural surfaces and 3000 m for reflective surfaces. The fast time-of-flight method enables the system also to calculate the speed of the object.

Measurements may occur at a frequency of 10 kHz. These high frequency distance measurements enable the LDM301 series of products also to determine the speed of the object. High rates of measurement make the LDM301 particularly useful in continuous process control associated with chemical, steel, refining, and other high volume manufacturing operations.

Jenoptik’s LDM301 series has been built to meet or exceed the demanding IP67 internal protection standards. LDM301 series IP67 certification means that these units will survive in the harshest conditions of temperature (-40 °C to +60 °C), rain, sleet, and snow as well as corrosive, abrasive, and salt fog environments.

The LDM301 series of laser range finders come with multiple interface options (RS-232, RS-422, Profibus, and SSI) along with the ability to switch between analog and digital output enabling the LDM301 series to readily integrate into new or existing process control systems.

The LDM301 laser distance sensors are equipped with an in-unit heating system, status indicator lamps, and manual sighting system, by standard. The systems flexibility does not stop here as each of these standards may be replaced with optional components. See your Jenoptik representative for details.

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