LDM302 Series

Laser distance LDM302 Series

LDM302: measuring precise distances on low reflectance surfaces.

The LDM302 is the Ideal Laser Distance Sensor for low reflectance surfaces.

The LDM302 series of laser distance sensors is specifically built to measure distances with high precision for surfaces of low reflectance (e. g. asphalt, grass, oxidized steel and aluminum). The LDM302 series is capable of measuring moving or static objects up to 3,000 meters with low reflectance.

LDM302’s have proven themselves in the field by measuring moving objects with a reflectance of 6% at distances of 200 meters (Ship Docking Trials). LDM302’s have proven successful in the control of container moving trams, overhead crane positioning, load retrieval, and load setting trials. The LDM302 has been used on aircraft to calculate the altitude of the airframe during flight.

LDM302 series laser range finders rely upon the proven time-of-flight measurements (also used in the LDM301’s and LSD30) to make their distance and speed measurements. The time-of-flight method allows the LDM302 to measure moving objects even with less than 3% reflectance at distances of 50 meters.

The fully customizable LDM302 modular configuration allows these laser range finders to be easily adapted to the harshest environments while maintaining high precision and accuracy. The ability to select either fixed or variable sampling rates is accommodated by this modularity.

The LDM302 has the entire connectivity options associated with the other LDM series distance sensors enabling (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Profibus, and SSI) along with the ability to switch between analog and digital output. Their chassis have been EMI hardened, o-ring sealed, and made both water and abrasive resistant in order to survive real world applications (IP67 / NEMA 6).

The compact, modular design combined with existing or customizable options enables the LDM302 to be retrofitted into existing systems as easily as new builds for real time, real world, distance and speed measurements with low reflection bodies under critical operating conditions.

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