LDS30 Series

Laser distance LDS30 Series

LDS30 Laser Distance Sensors: Extremely fast measurements on natural surfaces

The compact LDS30 Series Laser Distance Sensors were designed for low reflectance, natural surfaces, with 30 kHz measurement frequencies

The compact LDS30 series laser distance sensors are capable of measuring low reflectance (natural) surfaces with frequencies of 30 kHz. The LDS30 series was designed specifically for the scanning and proximity sensing applications.

The LDS30 series uses the time of flight measuring principles along with an eye-safe class 1 laser (wavelength 905 nm) to achieve a range of 30 m for surfaces with 10% reflectance. In conjunction with reflective surfaces or special targets this range may be increased to distances of up to 250 meters.

The extremely compact, lightweight, case hardened chassis makes the LDS30 series laser rangefinder resistant to normal impact and shock associated with industrial applications. The chassis improvements also make the LDS30 series impervious to dust infiltration and moisture impregnation (IP67 / NEMA 6).

The ready-to-install LDS30 has the entire connectivity suite options associated with the other LDM series laser distance sensors enabling (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Profibus, and SSI) along with the ability to switch between analog and digital output and user-specific parameterization.

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