LUMOS Series

Laser distance LUMOS Series

LUMOS Laser Distance Sensors measure with millimeter accuracy at 500 meter measuring Range

LUMOS series laser distance sensors deliver measuring results accurate to the millimeter even for radiating objects or in bright sunlight conditions.

The LUMOS series of laser distance sensors has a measurement frequency of 100 Hz enabling high precision measurements or distance monitoring up to 500 meters for reflective surfaces. The measuring distance for natural surfaces (< 10% reflectance) is 100 meters. Both the 500 meter and 100 meter measurements have an accuracy of ±1 mm. LUMOS series devices are ideal for measuring hot surfaces such continuous cast steel slabs and billets, thin cast slabs, blooms, etc.. The LUMOS series excels in bright light outdoor conditions where large quantities of stray, direct, and indirect sun light may interfere.

LUMOS series devices contain an OLED touch screen as the MMI for easy configuration and parameterization. The LUMOS series uses a visible (red) Eye Safe Class 2 laser emitting at 650 nm which also may be used to align the range finder visually to the target. These devices have met the stringent IP67 / NEMA 6 requirements. The LUMOS series has fully integrated RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Profibus, and SSI compatible c onnection options, switching outputs and the ability to switch between analog and digital output.

Options for the LUMOS series laser distance sensors include: internal heater (for cold climate operations), three digital outputs / trigger for remote signal generation and control, plus a case hardened chassis for EMI protection, allowing this small, compact unit to be fully and easily integrated into existing and new systems and automation plants.

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