Isotron (IEPE) accelerometers

Isotron accelerometers, also known as IEPE-type or voltage mode, feature an integral electronic charge converter, eliminating the need for an external charge amplifier.


They can drive long cables with minimal distortion and noise pickup. Isotron electronics are compatible with industry standard IEPE current sources built into most industry standard data acquisition systems.

These accelerometers are available with a wide selection of ranges, sizes and shapes. Some units are also available with TEDS onboard memory storage (per IEEE 1451.4-2004), facilitating their use within larger channel count applications.

Special version Isotron accelerometers include lightweight versions with a 30 kHz bandwidth, high sensitivity units for seismic measurements, and ultra low-noise accelerometers for measuring whole body motion.

Some applications for the Isotron (IEPE) accelerometers:

  • Aircraft flight testing
  • Ground vibration testing
  • Automotive ride quality testing
  • Product testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development
  • Test and measurement
  • Heavy machinery maintenance
  • Engine testing
  • OEM design and test applications

More information about the Endevco Isotron (IEPE) accelerometerson pages 28 to 37 in the Endevco T&M product catalog (pdf)

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