Laser doppler vibrometers

Laser doppler vibrometers

The new Ono Sokki LV-1800 non-contact type Laser Doppler Vibrometer uses newly designed interference optical system and has achieved improvement of detection sensitivity by 20 dB compared to the conventional models. The built-in positioning camera makes it easy to check the target by laser beam irradiation.

The LV-1800 can perform amplitude velocity measurements in a wide range of fields that are difficult with a contact type vibration sensor; small actuator using piezoelectric element, cell phones and digital camera with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), inverter an other devices in an EV/HEV. By using the LV-1800 with FFT Analyzer, it is possible to visualize not just vibration but the state of the vibration.

Laser doppler vibrometers

Some nice and useful features:

  • Integrated sensor and camera Without degradation of the detection sensitivity, you can check targets and the parts irradiated by laser beams displaying on the Windows based PC.
  • Greatly increased detection ability Newly designed interference optical system has achieved improved the detection sensitivity by 20dB (ten times) compared to the conventional models. Restrictions of targets and detecting environment have been dramatically eased to facilitate sensor installation and setup.
  • Detectable various targets with wide range up to 4 ranges The LV-1800 can detect a wide range of amplitude from 10 m/s to 0.05 µm/s from high velocity amplitudes of ultrasonic tools and piezoelectric devices to small amplitudes generated by thin film, MEMS, and ceramic capacitors.
  • Quick confirmation of the focal position and the detection status The level indicator equipped on the sensor helps quick and reliable setup while checking the focal position or detection status at hand.
  • Small and light-weight sensors with excellent ease of use Level indicator and error indicator are equipped on the sensor so that checking of detection status and setup become easy. As being designed to be separated from laser light source, the sensor is small and light-weight. Without any restrictions, laser beams can be irradiated in all directions.
  • Easy storage and transporting The main unit of the LV-1800 is 33% lighter compared to the conventional model. As the sensor and the cable can be stored in the main body, storage and transportation can be done easily and safely. Storage trunk (option) can store the magnetic stand, illumination unit as well as the main unit.
  • Wide range of options provide utmost solutions As the LV-1800 has wide variety of options, you can find suitable applications depending on requirements. For example, using the LV-1800 with an FFT Analyzer and exclusive software can visualize the behavior and characteristics of a target.

More information about the LV-1800 non-contact type Laser Doppler Vibrometer you can find here (pdf) >

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