Piezoelectric (charge) accelerometers

Endevco piezoelectric accelerometers are charge mode accelerometers that require use of an external charge amplifier, allowing for reliable operation over wider temperature and amplitude ranges.


Piezoelectric accelerometers are popular choices for acceleration, shock and vibration measurements, due to their wide frequency ranges, easy installation, and availability in multiple shapes, weights, sizes and sensitivities.

Special purpose piezoelectric accelerometers are also available for flight test, extreme lowand high-temperatures and radiation environments.

Some applications for the piezoelectric accelerometers:

  • Aircraft flight testing
  • Ground vibration testing
  • Automotive ride quality testing
  • Product testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development
  • Test and measurement
  • Turbine maintenance
  • Engine testing
  • Medical devices (non-critical)
  • OEM design and test applications

More information about the Endevco piezoelectric accelerometers on pages 18 to 25 in the Endevco T&M product catalog (pdf)

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